TDS – Covid-19 Operations

TDS – Covid-19 Operations

TDS are working hard at staff training for reopening,  making  sure we are fully equipped and trained to ensure all laundry is hygienically laundered and sanitised.

Sending us laundry if it has been in contact with anyone infected with the Covid-19 virus

You may have bed linen, towels or garments to send us which may have been in touch with Covid-19.  The virus can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours (equivalent 2-3 days), therefore, if sending to us after that it will be fine through the normal process.

If  the item(s) will be sent to us under 72 hours, please put the items into a separate plastic bag, secured and clearly noted that it contains Covid-19 items.  Our drivers and staff  are equipped with gloves and masks, to ensure their health and safety when  supplied when handling this type of contaminated product.

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