At TDS Commercial we try as hard as we can to ensure our cleaning and laundry services are as environmentally sustainable as possible. Although, of course, cleaning and laundry services use energy and involve the use of some chemicals, we make every effort to minimise the impact on our environment.

Ozone Technology

TDS recognises the need for all companies to be more focussed on sustainability in all their processes and supply chain partners. With this in mind TDS has recently changed washing process and uses Ozone. This helps to reduce the chemicals involved in the wash process and reduces the hot water necessary to produce a high quality service.  TDS is currently the most sustainable commercial laundry in the London area.

“We all have to consider everything we do and how we do it, and to work in such a way as to meet what sustainable goals we can,” states owner and managing director Rona Tait.  “This is very important to me, and to my business.  We need to do all we can and by offering a more environmentally friendly service down the supply chain, my customers can be confident that they are using a sustainable supplier.”

Due to the varied types of clients and the fact that TDS run an intelligent, hand-worked service, the machines are preprogrammed with over 25 different wash options.

TDS Sustainable Laundry Services
TDS Laundry using Ozone Technology

TDS wash process is regularly independently assessed by the LTC . This ensures the quality of our processes from a fabric brightness perspective and how carefully we protect the items to make sure each item lasts at least 200 washes, ensuring the linen does not have to replaced before it should. This also helps to improve the environmental impact of the laundry process.

Recycled Packaging

TDS use cotton re-usable  hampers to deliver laundry to reduce the use of single use plastic. To improve the sustainability of our business, we encourage plastic hangers to be returned for reuse.