Work Wear Laundry

Work Wear Laundry

TDS offers a range of work wear laundry services. These include:

  • uniforms
  • overalls
  • technicians coats
  • chef’s whites and kitchen wear

TDS Commercial office and work place laundry service will meet all your requirements for your staff and your environment.

TDS Commercial Workwear and Uniform Laundry Services

Uniforms of all types, from overalls to technicians coats, are professionally cleaned and pressed, ensuring your staff look good and feel good as they go about your business. We specialise in cleaning of fire retardant materials.

As well as providing clean, freshly laundered work clothes, TDS Commercial laundry services can also cater for all your work place needs, including towels and cleaning cloths, which can be provided either as individual services or as part of an integral work place laundry service.

The TDS Commercial work wear laundry service includes collection and delivery and is customised to your business needs for daily, weekly or monthly laundering.

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