Bed Linen Laundry Services

The TDS Commercial bed linen laundry service includes:

  • sheets
  • pillow cases
  • duvet covers
  • valance sheets
  • duvets
  • bedspreads
  • blankets

TDS Commercial - Bed Linen Laundry Services

Make sure your customers go to sleep with a smile - let them enjoy the feeling of freshly laundered bed linen at the end of their day.

Our commercial bed linen laundry service begins with collection, then we launder, press and fold before returning to you clean, fresh and fragrant bed linen your customers will appreciate. Bed linen laundry services can be combined with other laundry services to provide a complete commercial laundry service for hotels, hospitality and leisure.

TDS Commercial can also provide full bed linen hire and rental service.

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